Protests in Australia against persecution of Jews and other minorities in Germany (1933-1939)

All newspaper articles found in Trove, National Library of Australia.


 Protest by the Victorian Manufacturing Grocers’ Union Daily Standard (QLD), June 3, 1933


Protests to the German Consul  carried out by the South Coast branch of the Blacksmiths’ Society of Australasia, Southern District Miners, the Central Illawarra Sub Branch of the Federation Engine Drivers and Firemen’s Association, the Bulli Miners’ Lodge, the Kembla Heights Unemployed Unity Committee and the Workers International Relief branches of Wollongong, Fairymeadow, Fern Hill, Corrimal and Scarborough. The Workers Weekly (NSW) 21 June 1933. 


A deputation from the Australian Aborigines League led by William Cooper condemning the cruel persecution of Jews and Christians in Germany  sent to the German Consulate (Dr. R. W. Drechsler). The Argus (VIC)  7 December 1938. 


Resolution carried out by the Women’s International League of Peace and Freedom, protesting the inhumane treatment of Jews in Germany. Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners’ Advocate (NSW) 18 April 1933


(part 1)

THC 2.png

(part 2)

THC 3.png

A motion carried out by the Trade Hall Council condemning the treatment of Jews in Germany. The Australian Worker (NSW) 21 December 1938

Council of Youth.jpg

Council of Youth passed a resolution “protesting against the treatment of the Jews in the recent Nazi pogrom, and commending the Commonwealth Government for its promise to afford accomodation for 15,000 refugees.  The Courier Mail (QLD) 8 December 1938

Deportation of Dr. Amiss.jpg

Deportation of Nazi German Consul-General in Australia Dr. Asmis demanded by the New South Wales Labor Council as a protest against the “atrocious pogroms against the Jews in Germany.” The motion was moved by the Australian Railways Union. The Workers Weekly (NSW) 22 November 1938


 Second report on the motion calling for deportation of the Consul-General for Germany by the New South Wales Trade and Labour Council. The West Australian (WA), 18 November 1938


Two deputations – representing the Australian League for Peace and Democracy and the Spanish relief committee – protesting against the treatment of Jews in Germany. The Argus (VIC) 18 November 1938


Attempt by members of the Movement Against War and Fascism to interview the Consul-General for Germany in Sydney and protest. The Advertiser (SA) 19 March 1936

Demonstration consulate.jpg

Fifteen people attend a deputation to the German Consul arranged by the Movement against War and Fascism, with protestors calling for the German Consul to be “sent back to Fascist Germany.” The Argus (VIC) 19 March 1938


After the deputation was refused by the German Consul-General, a demonstration was held outside his consulate. Border Watch (SA) 19 March 1938


Melbourne division of the Textile Workers’ Union forwards a resolution to the German consul protesting against the pogroms and mass murders by Nazis in their actions against trade unionist workers and Jews. The Age (VIC) 22 April, 1933

Waterside workers.jpg

300 waterside workers carry out a motion “denouncing the murder and torture of workers (trade unionists, Communists, Socialists, Jews, Catholic workers, Liberals, etc.) by the Nazi murder bands.” The protest was sent to the German Consul in Sydney. The Workers Weekly (NSW) 24 March 1933


A petition to (then) Prime Minister Lyons calling for the Commonwealth Government to “protest against the Hitler pogrom” signed by Archbishop Head (Church of England) C. H. Book'(Chairman of Baptist Union’) E.Porter (Australian Youth Council) A. Burdeu (president of the Australian Aborigines’League) Constance Duncan (Secretary of the League of Nations Union)  J. M. Atkinson (not clearHerbert Burton (President of the Council for Civil Liberties) Nettie Palmer (poet, essayist and literary critic) Vance Palmer (novelist), Doris Blackburn (political activist and M.P). J. P.Chappie (Federal secretary of the Australian Railways Union) and Don Thomson (Secretary of Building Trades Federation). The Workers Weekly (NSW) 2 December 1938.


Union Leaders (including the secretary of the Sydney Ironworkers Union, state president of the Moulders Union and representative of the Australian Railways Union) condemn the actions against Jews by German Fascists. The Workers Weekly (NSW) 18 November 1938.

Meat .jpg

Protest to the German Consul against the treatment of political prisoners by members of the Meat Industry Employees’ Union at Orange. Workers Weekly (NSW) 14 December 1934.

South Aust. section of workers int. releif.png

Resolution protesting against the persecution of jews and workers in Germany by the South Australian section of the Workers International Relief.  The Advertiser (SA) 19 May 1933


Melbourne protest against the persecution of Jews in Germany (submitted by future Premier and Acting Prime Minister W.A. Watt) with more than 1000 people present. £7000 raised in a relief fund for distressed families (including a personal donation of £5000 by Sidney Keith.) Messages of support received by the Anglican, Presbyterian, Baptist and Roman Catholic Churches, The National Council of Women, the Minister for Public Works and the President of the Legislative Council. The Argus (VIC) 28 April 1933.

2 .jpg

Second report on Melbourne protest. The Age (VIC) 28 April 1933


Leading Melbourne citizens sign petition, sent to Prime Minister (Mr. Lyons) and Minister for External Affairs (Mr. Hughes) urging Commonwealth Government to protest to Germany against Persecution of Jews. The Argus (VIC) 26 November 1938.

Harold Holt.jpg

Former Prime Minister Harold Holt asks then PM Mr. Lyons whether the Commonwealth Government should associate itself with protests disapproving the brutal treatment of minorities in Germany. Warwick Daily News (QLD) 18 November 1938


Mayor of Hamilton City Council sends letter to Mayor of Newcastle calling for a conference to discuss the persecution of Jews. Newcastle Sun (NSW) 24 April 1933


Newcastle Town Hall issues resolution to Consul-General calling for protest against persecution of Jews in Germany. The Newcastle Sun (Sydney) 24 April 1933

Brisbane protest.jpg

Large meeting in Brisbane protesting against the treatment of Jews in Germany. The Daily Standard (Brisbane), June 9 1933.


TW 2.jpg

(Page 11 article below)

TW 3.jpg

Public meeting in Melbourne calling to establish a committee to assist the settlement of Jewish refugees. Donations exceeding £500 received. The Argus (VIC) 6 December 1938


Public meeting in Adelaide protesting against treatment of Jews in Germany. The Advertiser (SA) 18 May 1933



Sydney Lord Mayor calls meeting condemning persecution of Jews and other minorities in Germany. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW) 19 May 1933.


Protest 3.jpg

Second article about Sydney Protest. Daily Examiner (NSW) 19 May 1933.

Unitarian Church.jpg

Deputation presided over by Rev. W. Bottomley of the Unitarian Church urging the Prime Minister to approve assistance for refugees from political persecution abroad. The Age (VIC) 24 November 1938.


Perth protest meeting expressing horror at the treatment of Jews and other religious and political minorities in Fascist Germany. West Australian (WA) 1 December 1938.


Anglican committee expresses sympathy with the Jewish community, and protests against persecution and anti-Jewish discrimination in Germany. The Advertiser (SA) 12 April 1933


Boycott of a Nazi Shop. Workers Weekly (NSW) 2 December 1938

Symbol removed.jpg

Swastika removed from the floor of the Commonwealth Bank after protests from the general public. The Workers’ Weekly (NSW) 9 June 1939


Second article. Newcastle Morning  Herald and Miners’ Advocate (NSW) 3 June 1939

German pogrom protest.jpg

. Protest against pogroms in Germany. The Workers’ Weekly (NSW) 14 April 1933


National Missionary Council forward resolution to Prime Minister Lyons expressing deep sympathy with the Jews, and urge the Commonwealth Government to facilitate the admission to Australia of suitable Jewish refugees. The Courier Mail (QLD) 26 November 1938.


New Lambton Council sends Mayor and Deputy Mayor to district wide conference to protest against the persecution of Jews in Germany. Newcastle Sun (NSW) 27 April 1933


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