Council drives residents to protest Redan Road changes


Construction yet to begin on Redan Road. Photo: Aron Lewin


Plans to reduce the width of Redan Road has frustrated residents due to the loss of eleven on-street parking spots.

And 92 per cent of the residents signed a petition against the proposed changes.

Resident Gregory Volchok said locals will suffer once the road is narrowed.

“Eventually it will affect me,” Mr. Volchok said.

“If (residents) cannot park in front of their house, they will park in front of my house, then I cannot park.

“We can object, but I cannot see how we can deal with the councils … we do not have lawyers living on our street.”

However, City of Glen Eira Councillor Mary Delahunty said that improving the safety of the road is more important than preserving car parks.

“The council has a list of many thousands of roads that we audit … Redan road came up as the number one priority [for safety management] in the entire municipality,” Cr Delahunty said.

“Cars were driving at dangerous speeds and the road needed immediate attention.”

According to the City of Glen Eira Council Meeting, the renovation of Redan Road will include six speed bumps and a bicycle lane.

There is ambiguity over the cost and starting date of the project.

According to Cr Delahunty, construction will cost about $150 thousand and will begin immediately.

However, Glen Eira Transportation Engineer Matt Harridge said the project will cost about $50 thousand and will start around June.


“[Redan road] is currently 12.5 metres wide … this will be reduced to 5.9 metres,” Mr Harridge said.

“At the narrowing points which will be at three locations down Redan Road, it will be reduced to three metres.”

The speed limit down Redan Road is 40 km/per hour as Caulfield Park Community School backs on to the road.

However, the Glen Eira Council reported that the average car travels at 18 kilometres over the speed limit.

A second option proposed by the Glen Eira Council was to insert speed bumps without reducing the width of the road.

However Mr Harridge strongly advocated for the road to be narrowed.

“[Reducing the width of Redan road] was the preferred option … it gave us the opportunity to slow down cars with vertical deflections and horizontal deflections,” Mr Harridge said.

Despite most of the residents being dissatisfied with the treatment of Redan road, there are no plans for further protest.



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