Congestion grinds Melbourne to screeching halt

Teaser: Traffic experts seek more public transport, as congestion clogs up Melbourne roads

Traffic builds on North Road. Picture: Aron Lewin

A lack of public transport in Outer Melbourne has contributed to road congestion.

According to a report by the RACV (2012) 34 per cent of Outer Melbourne residents do not live within 400 metres of a bus or tram station.

As a result, Outer Melbourne residents have been forced to use cars.

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Monash University Chair of Public Transport, Professor Graham Currie said that Melbourne has built a really bad situation with the future of our transport

“Our congestion costs are bigger than almost every other developed country”

“Buses are a huge part of the solution … we need many, several hundred new bus routes,” Mr Currie  said.

Victorians are not hopeful that traffic will ease with 90 per cent believing that congestion will become worse in the next five years.

Public Transport Users Association former president, Daniel Bowen said that providing more frequent [public transport] services should be a basic requirement.

“If you do see that ubiquitous service around Melbourne, you will see people leave their car at home, or even sell them,” Mr Bowen said.

With Melbourne’s population expected to increase by 1.3 million in the next 20 years, congestion will become heavier unless changes are made.

By Aron Lewin


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